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Thursday August 14 2008

One gooood-lookin' Handyman has moved into the neighborhood. Actually he's been living here since March, but he just started picking up some odd jobs along Bates Creek.

He wears many hats: he is, so far, the Oreana Bookmobile, the Building Inspector, and the Local Mailman.

Need "Winterdance - The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod", one of my Top Ten Books Ever, delivered to a neighbor? Stormy is the Oreana Bookmobile.

Need to check up on the progress of the buildings on Connie's new property? Stormy is the Building Inspector.

Need to drop off a letter at a neighbor's so they can take it to the post office on their way into town? Stormy is the Local Macro Mailman.

And you know how, when the UPS man drives up into your driveway and the dogs run out to bark at and/or greet him, and the UPS man gives them all treats (so they don't bite him)? Well, Stormy expects YOU to run out and greet HIM with treats, not because he'll bite, but because he just did you a delivery favor and because he's just soooooo good lookin'.

He's pretty pleased with himself and his important new jobs. Especially when there's a bucket of carrots waiting for him when he gets home and gets off work.


I am jealous. Stormy is one handsome handyman! Besides treats what is his hourly rate or does he bid by project?
He bases his bids on what looks to produce the best Treaties
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